Cockle on my roof

old roof tiles

During last two weeks I was laying roof tiles on new roof above my workshop. I used to use old roof tiles - they were mostly made before 1918 (and probably before 1914), so they are survived two world wars and they look like they will survive another one hundred years and other two world wars.

But there was a problem. Most of these tiles were not perfectly straight, but bent in different ways. During first hours I did not know how to deal with this staff, so I simply throw tiles, that did not fit, down of the roof. Now I know how huge error I have done.

I was thinking: "How was some victorian layer able to lay roof bricks, if they are bent here and there - and still the result was perfectly layed old shed roof, I took them from?"

And I finally made it! Old bend roof tiles need a little care... You simply can not lay them like trained monkey (the way modern super straight roof tiles can be leid), but you have to use your brains. Lay them according they bending to its proper place on the roof... And you will made perfect new roof even with century-old bent roof tiles.

And I found out another comparison: We, people are bent in different ways too. But if we are fitted on our proper place in society, family (or even company), we will fit there perfectly.